Our Counselling Services

Individual Counselling

This includes one-on-one sessions to discuss any issues that may be bothering you. Common reasons people seek individual counselling are trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression. Counselling can also assist with personal development, teaching you techniques for developing motivation and self-confidence.

Couples Counselling

Marriage counselling is an important step for couples who wish to stay together, but who have encountered problems. This can include shared loss, or the fallout of an extramarital affair. Some couples come to us before a major decision, such as marriage or buying a home. Parenting issues are also part of our couples counselling service.

Family Counselling

Family counselling can be extremely useful when a family dynamic changes. It can help parents and young children through divorce, or when bringing in a new partner (and step-children too). Families can come for group sessions, and we can also work with parents and with older children in individual sessions.

Could counselling benefit you?

If you feel that counselling could benefit you, or if you are struggling with any of the issues outlined above, get in touch and arrange an appointment. Picking up the phone can be difficult, especially when you are feeling low - but it is an important first step on the journey to recovery. You will be glad that you called us.

Your counselling schedule and session plans will be created in conjunction with you, and according to your needs. We can be extremely flexible to accommodate your particular requirements. In the case of family and relationship counselling, we work hard to fairly accommodate both or all parties involved.

Access our services online

In today's technological world it is sometimes hard to catch a break but technology does have it's benefits. We are brought closer together at the click of a few buttons and counselling is no different. If you don't get much time or live in a remote area you can still contact me and we can organise a live chat over a few various internet mediums. There's no reason for any of us to be alone when we need someone to help. If you want to contact me about an online counselling session, click here.

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