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Counselling can help

Life can become very complex from time to time and sometimes we don't even notice.

As a counsellor I have been trained to help many people in many circumstances. We all need someone to talk to that understands and can direct us back to what is important in life. If you feel that you need to make sense of what is important in your life again, please contact me here.

Personalised counselling, wherever you are

For professional counselling services in Dubbo and the surrounding area, contact Julie Freeman Counselling.

I offer counselling across a range of personal, family & matrimonial matters. Sessions are undertaken locally on a one-to-one basis, or with couples or family groups. Counselling can also be made available over Skype or Facetime, for clients in remote areas or who would otherwise be unable to access face-to-face services.

The types of counselling we offer

Life coaching

Relationship Therapy

Family Therapy

Parenting Issues

Stress Management

Depression & Anxiety

About our counsellor

Julie is an experienced and qualified counsellor, who has helped many clients with a range of issues. She specialises in relationship counselling and life coaching, including parenting concerns and significant changes in family dynamics. She is very skilled at putting people at ease and offers a safe, comfortable counselling environment which encourages you to share and work through issues to become a healthier happier person.

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